St. Paul's Anglican Church
Logo and Identity
St. Paul's Anglican Church needed an update to their logo and identity system. 

DIG reviewed other affiliations and churches, historical references and St. Paul’s history. The logo and brand represents visual evidence of a clean, clear, updated look while maintaining a historical, ancient perspective. By combining the assessments of your request, the research and ultimate desire to symbolically represent the church, the logo and brand include:

Core Mark
• overall silhouette symbolic of Anglican crest
• rectangle shape invocative of bible
• lily shape on ends of cross
• diagonal rays direct toward cross in reference to salvation
• 10 rays representing commandments
• internal black cross symbolic of St. Paul’s sword
• arch at bottom symbolizes Golgotha

• solid, clear shapes represent modernity
• St. Paul’s text is “old style” serif
• Anglican text has clean, bold, modern look

• primary colors
• muted scheme for historical/ancient feel
Business Cards—horizontal design
Business Cards—vertical design
Final Logo
Logo and Color Scheme
Alternate collateral
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